This summer is our first full rental season with our new 40' x 120' pole tent. It's a monstrosity that can seat over 400 people at banquet style tables! It starts with a 40'x 40' base, then we can add sections to it to make it the size that will suit your event best: 40' x 60', 40' x 80', 40' x 100', or the full 40' x 120'. We've got a system for everything.

Ask a Systems representative today about the pole tent.

We recently expanded our Rentals department to include a new style of chair! It's like the brown plastic seat chairs that we've rented for years, but now in the special wedding white colour. This is a great way to make your wedding really shine without having to invest in chair covers. It's all in the details at Systems.

Call us for pictures or come in for a look at these new chairs!